VCR to digital format(MPEG,quicktime,avi)

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    Jan 29, 2005
    Sydney, Australia
    Hi boys and girls,

    I want to throw out all of my VHS video tapes. Im sick of seeing them collect dust on in my shelf. I have a whole lot of VCR tapes with a few music video clips on them or a music documentary or a live performance on David Letterman etc... Can I somehow hook up my VCR to my powerbook and convert the VCR to a digital format (Quicktime, MPEG, avi etc...) so that I can burn then to DVD later. What cables and software do I need? Do I need a DV camcorder because I dont have one :(.

    Your help is much appreciated

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    Jun 29, 2004
    Two choices I can present:
    1.) Buy a cheap DV camera, and you can hook up your vcr to it, and record from VHS>MiniDV. Then, you can import into iMovie. Then, you'll have to compress it somehow or it'll be giant.
    2.) Buy a VHS/MiniDV tape deck, and you can go straight in to your PB via firewire, and import with iMovie. (I believe the deck is on the Apple site:search SR-VS30.) This option's easier, but more expensive. But then again, if you ever get into'll have a dedicated deck! (You can also easily put your DV tapes onto VHS or vice versa if you want).

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