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May 29, 2012
Ok.... haven't had a chance to extensively test yet, but here's the situation:

I installed a SSD in the Velocity Solo Mac Edition
The drive shows as Removable Storage

This was not in their documentation... and I wasn't aware, or I would have researched more first.

My concern is that Pro Tools and Final Cut Pro X may not play as friendly with this????
I kinda doubt there will be any performance difference, but I also don't like the eject feature being there, and the drive on the desktop

Is there a way to change the way Lion sees the drive? Make it non-removable???

Thanx ;)


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Aug 9, 2004
Hi TableSyrup - did you find a way to fix this? In the same boat myself!



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Oct 15, 2008
Also, under Finder Preferences..

Show these items on the desktop:

Check External disks only, don't select Hard disks.

This won't show the PCI-E based drives, only things like USB sticks or Firewire drives.
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