Velocity Solo x2 w/SSD + Optical Drive


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Oct 23, 2012
Optical #1: I'm using a SATA splitter to send power to my Blu-ray drive AND a USB 3 card in the PCIe bays.

Optical #2: SATA cable is plugged directly into a Win7 SSD for power & data.

I ordered the wrong type of SATA DATA cable, as a temporary fix: I used the extra/unused SATA3 data port on my x2 card to provide data flow from the Blu-ray drive.

The BD drive works without any problem so far and it has not affected my SSD, which is my boot OSX drive.

Although, not ideal--do you guys see any potential problems with this?

*I'm waiting for the Lindy SATA Extension/Splitter


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Mar 11, 2010
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I hope that I follow you correctly ?

Would it not be better to have your Win 7 SSD on the second data connection
of the Velocity card ? ( or is that your end game ? )

Then you have Blu Ray on an internal SATAII - fine
SSD Win 7 on the fast SATA III card with extra cable = great

Was that the error with the cable ??

As far as powering, I thing that will be fine, SSD won't draw much, 3or4 Watts.

EDIT - Ah, powering Blu Ray & USB3.0 card might not be the best idea when you want to power
2.5inch drives etc from the USB3.0 ports ... if you kept that in mind, then probably OK.



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Oct 18, 2013
Nope I'm doing the exact same thing right now. I am in the process of replacing the drives in my ZFS pool with larger drives so I have to do one at a time. As a result I am using power from the optical bay area and running a SATA cable to one of the new drives while it gets cloned.

I've got 9 hard drives all connected through SATA right now inside my Pro.

5 drives in RAID (Bays 1-4 + Velocity port)
2 extra solid states (each mounted to a Velocity)
1 system drive (on ODD port #1)
Revolving 1 extra drive to clone from the RAID (on other Velocity SATA port).


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Oct 23, 2012
Yeah, everything seems OK. No errors in OSX or Win7 bootcamp.

I didn't hookup the Win7 SSD drive to the 2nd Velocity SATA3 port because there is some kind of conflict that will not allow a 2nd SSD w/Win7 to boot properly in bootcamp.

There is a workaround but I didn't have time to troubleshoot it.