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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by puma1552, Dec 12, 2013.

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    So I work in the engineering world, the world of how and why. And it's great to question stuff, and you should when you're an engineer.

    But sometimes you just have to take something at face value, accept that someone with much more experience and much more talent figured something out, proved it, and you should just say "ok" and accept it as truth without questioning it.

    I work with a newish guy who's been around a bit over a year. So newish, but not really *that* new. I do like the guy just fine and don't mind his company when he strolls over to my desk.

    But this guy seems to question everything, and continues to challenge it long after you've said it's actually of no importance to know, take it for what it is, say ok, use it, and move on. It's one thing to be curious, but it's another to make mountains out of molehills for the tiniest things that simply. don't. matter.

    Sometimes it gets to the point where I have to be like "Sure, I can tell you how to do this or use this which is what you really need to know, but as for why or where this comes from, I'm simply not the guy to ask, you can try asking XXX who has X more years experience than me if you really want to know but it truly is not of importance." And even then, he doesn't get the hint that I have no idea, it doesn't matter, and my patience is wearing thin, and he keeps droning on about it and challenging it to me who doesn't give two turds.

    And half of what he's droning on about is usually completely off-base and unrelated; one thing I've noticed about a lot of engineers is they will have too large of an ego, try so hard to look intelligent and speak pompously, and spout off stuff that's completely unrelated while trying to rationalize or figure something out instead of just saying "I don't know, can you explain this?" More often than not I can, but more often than not the explanation has absolutely nothing to do with what they were just rattling on about, and I'll be like "Look, it's X not Y" and they will still continue going on about Y and then I just get to the point where I figure either this person's a genius and I'm a complete idiot because I have no clue what they are going on about, or this person has a huge ego and doesn't want to just accept they were off-base.

    Like I said, as an engineer you should question things and make sure you have a clear understanding most of the time, but you should also know when the time it takes to understand something is not worth it and of little use. It's a balance; we could all get hung up on every single derivation of every single little number, but nothing would ever get done and no money would get made.


    Post yours!
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    Seems you found the engineering equivalent of the trivial pursuit know it all, bout to happen every now any then.

    In the regular business world they tend to end up the micro managers in charge at the office, and usually the one voted most like to get beaten up while singing karoke at the bar.

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