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Nov 4, 2021
I recently updated my Mac Mini to Ventura 13.3 and suddenly got an error when trying to open Windows programs via Playonmac. I did some research it seems to be an issue with Wine since it's affecting both Crossover and Playonmac. Anyone else having an issue with opening Windows programs after the 13.3 update?


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Dec 4, 2022
I don't use Crossover, but I do use Wineskin and have several apps/games using it. My experience here is mixed, but there definitely is an issue. On my Intel iMac, everything is playing fine, but one game, Duke Nukem Manhattan Project, doesn't go full screen like it used to. On my M1 MBA, things are worse. DNMP won't run. I get the initial launcher where I can configure the resolution and some other parameters, then it hangs. Other apps don't run at all. The exception is Stronghold Crusader. Runs just fine. All these were fine in earlier versions of Ventura.

EDIT: updating the engine used for DNMP has that working again as expected on my M1 MBA. Another app still working on...
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Nov 8, 2015
They released an update for Crossover today. For me, it helped a little bit, but my application starts to run very slow after a while still.
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