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    OK, this morning my brain has gone silly. I have a late 2015 27 iMac which came with an internal 1TB drive. I have cloned this installation to an external 120GB Samsung SSD and connected it via USB and successfully booted from it. Yes, I can tell a difference in boot times and the SSD+USB3 is faster.

    Anyway, how can one tell in 10.11.x which drive they are booted off of once they are already logged into the environment? I know how to do this in Windows, but I'm without brain this morning. I am trying to make sure the external SSD boots as a default.

    Any enlightenment is appreciated.
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    To verify the current boot drive, check the upper left Apple menu>About This Mac.

    To set the default boot drive, go to the upper left Apple menu>System Preferences...>Startup Disk. Then click the padlock in the lower left of the window, enter your Admin password, and select the desired boot drive.
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    See the path bar in Finder :

    Capture d’écran 2016-10-30 à 17.37.05.png

    Grey drive icon = internal drive

    Orange drive icon = external drive

    (Utilisateurs = Users)

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