Verizion iPhone 6s Plus data usage problem

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by chancegator, Dec 8, 2015.

  1. chancegator macrumors newbie

    Dec 8, 2015
    I upgraded our iPhone 6 plus phones to iPhone 6s plus phones, and each phone used over 10 gb of data each in one day? A total of 20.65 GB of data in one day with normal light usage, no streaming, no hotspots, nothing unusual. I have used my previous iPhone 6 plus as a hotspot for 6 hours and only used around 2GB supporting 4-5 devices at once! This occurred the day following after switching the phones. When looking at the data utilization on Verizion website it shows social media is 97% responsible, and it happened in a 6 hour period. Verizion's data system updates every 6 hours, so you can see when it happens.My data gulp happened when I was driving to and from appointments not even using my phone , except for the occasional phone call, or email check. My wife's data gulp happened when she was at home sick in bed , phone was set to wifi. Wifi assist turned off on both devices. She was not even using her phone? Verizion has no explanation for this? We have done nothing different than we have for the past few years, and we barely use 2-3GB per month combined. Cached cleared, nothing running in the background. Verizion solution, turn off cellular data every time we go in and out of wifi coverage? This would be about 10 times a day for me? Ironically my cousin who is with ATT got a new iPhone 6s plus two days ago, and guess what , she called this morning and her phone had used 7.85 GB of data since she switched phones? ATT's answer, turn off cellular data when on wifi? Sounds like that even when wifi assist is turned off the phone still seeks out the stronger signal 4g LTE.After speaking with level 2 tech at Verizion for about an hour he admitted that there some type of issue affecting some of the new iPhone 6s that is causing data spikes. In the end they credited me for 20GB of data that we didn't even use, still concerned and checking data usage everyday.Anybody else have similar issue? Wow!
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    You need to look at the phones and determine what consumed the data. Go to Settings> Cellular and scroll down to see the stats.
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    Did you look at your phone stats under cellular settings? Could be the Facebook app or Whatsapp. Wifi assist has nothing to do with this as phones always use cell data when no wifi signal, if cell data is enabled. Wifi assist kicks in the cell usage sooner if enabled. You could disable Lte and the phone will use less data on 3G; but that doesn't solve the issue.
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    There have been a few isolated reports of this. Does sound like a headache, but I'm glad VZW actually listened to you and credited you the data.

    Did you set the phone up as new or restore from backup? How much storage of your phone do you utilize? Perhaps the usage is from your phone syncing everything (photos, backups, etc.) up with iCloud for the initial setup?

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