Verizon Account Settings - SIM Card Already Active / Cannot be Managed Error

Discussion in 'iPad' started by newellj, Jun 12, 2015.

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    Edit - I just spent another half hour on the phone with VZW tech support. They're now telling me that this is due to a change in account management at their end and is not a hardware or software problem. Since both iPads are doing the same thing, that seems likely. I'd still be interested to know whether any post-paid VZW iPad owners can still get to account management through Settings>Cellular Data>View Account. Thanks.

    I'm hoping to get some feedback on this. For clarity, the iPads with the problem described below are definitely fully activate on VZW's cellular data network. The problem is account access.

    I used to be able to manage my Verizon post-pay account settings (data amount, payment method, etc.) in Settings under Settings>Cellular Data>View Account. This worked on my iPad 2, iPad 3 and Air with iOS versions through at least iOS 7.1.2 and (I think) iOS 8.x.

    I recently swapped my 64gb cell+wifi Air for a 64gb cell+wifi Air 2 and when I went to Settings>Cellular Data>View Account got a pop-up that says: "SIM Card Already Active / The SIM Card inserted in this device is already active on a subscription that cannot be managed on this device. Please call customer care blah blah blah."

    I thought there was some account problem and spent about two hours on three phone calls and a visit to a VZW corporate store with no progress. We tried a new SIM card, reprovisioning, resetting network settings, etc.

    Apparently this is not an error, though. My iPad rMini shows the same pop-up. This makes me wonder whether VZW has recently changed how they allow accounts to be managed. None of the four VZW reps I talked to yesterday could shed any light on that...

    Does anyone else with a VZW post-paid iPad see the same pop-up, or know anything about changes in VZW account management? Many thanks.

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    It has always been this way for me. I get the same popup. You have to use their my Verizon application available in the App Store.

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    Thanks - I could have sworn I could manage the account from that part of Settings, but I may be misremembering.

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