Verizon, AT&T, Sprint - how many users/customers do they have?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Chip NoVaMac, Jun 26, 2007.

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    Sort of iPhone related. Not sure if I want to drink the kool-aid (iPhone) at this point - but it does look sweet and tasty. :)

    Tried a Google to find the number of users on each of these networks. Yes, I know that after the 29th and beyond these numbers will change if press reports are correct.

    These carriers tout in network calling to others on the same network as a free feature in some way for their plans. Trying to find numbers that tell me who has the most users/customers so far.

    I know that my work mates seem all to be on AT&T (but I don't make many calls to them). My friends locally and nationwide seem to be all over the map with their choice of carrier. But with most of my calls being after 7PM (Sprints free time start) this has not been an issue.

    But looking at the iPlan, I think I can live with 5000 nights/weekend minutes. In particular if I can add an early evening add-on option. Also, sorry if this has been asked before, but does the 5000 night/weekend minutes also rollover?

    If you can't tell, I am thinking of moving over to the Death Star (AT&T). Maybe not for the iPhone but maybe the 8525.

    Thanks all for the help....
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    Dont be fooled, I just added up all my minutes from various months over the past 2 years. I do spend a bit of time on the phone but I would consider it fairly average. Only ~10% of my minutes fell under Nighttime and Weekend. They give you a lot of them for a reason.

    I use almost ~1000 minutes a month and on top of that, rarley over 200 night time / weekend minutes. I probably average 1,100 overall. 5,000 is going to be a hard number to reach for most people... you are not even going to NEED to have them roll over, it is the Anytime you need to worry about.
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    According to Wikipedia:

    AT&T Mobility: 62 Million Subscribers
    Verizon Wireless: 60.7 Million subscribers
    Sprint: 55 Million subscribers
    T-Mobile: 25 million subscribers
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    Chip NoVaMac

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    I have looked a a few of my Sprint bills over the last year or so I could find. You have a great point there. Taking the 5000 minutes dividing by 4.33 (from IIRC the standard "measurement of a months" time for computational purposes - this equals 19 hours of nights/weekend time starting at 9PM. I am hoping that the iPlan has the option for $5-10 a month for evenings starting at 7PM. This might work for me best.

    Thanks for the data, could you give me the link? Would like to see what basis this date is on. Even before the iPhone IIRC I had seen reports that Sprint is loosing like 200K a month IIRC.

    I thought that because of the American Idol connection that AT&T had the bigger base of users. Though as of pre-29th numbers, it seems to be that AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint are in a dead heat with each other. Thought it seems I might be able to get Sprint to ante up for me to stay since I have been with them since the PCS days.... :D

    It is all about the money for me at this point :D

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