Verizon BB Storm Shipping problems screwing customers

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by citi, Nov 25, 2008.

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    You may have more Iphone converts because of this.

    I called on Friday at 10:30am to place an order for a Blackberry Storm. It took about an hour because I wanted the 1 year and for some reason they were having problems with it. They finally got the upgrade done and I paid with the CC. I asked when the phone was going to be shipped and they said all orders done before 12:00 will be shipped by 11-25. Hung up at 11:29am.

    Called today to get my tracking number:
    Me: Do I have a tracking# for my phone?
    CS: Your phone is scheduled to be shipped on the 5th of December.
    Me: What? I ordered before noon.
    CS: Hold on let me get the Supervisor
    Supe: How can I help you sir? (Why do they always get on the phone like the don't know what the story is? So annoying)
    Me: I assume the CS told you the issue, so you tell me.
    Supe: Yes, Sir, You needed another supervisor's approval and for some reason, that did not happen until 2:30pm so you were put on the next shipping batch which is December 5th.
    Me: How is that my problem? I ordered within the required time, plus I called later that day and another CSR said my order was within the deadline. Why didn't she see that issue? Why do you think I paid for overnight shipping?
    Supe: We are sorry, we never should have guaranteed delivery, that is our fault, but there is nothing we can do because we don't have any units. We will credit your overnight shipping.
    Me: I am very dissapointed by this.
    Supe: I have been dealing with all day, another client called in and preordered 2 days before (Friday) and the CS did not place the order in time and he is going through the same thing.
    ME: So basically you are saying the Verizon is grossly incompetent?
    Supe: That is your opinion sir, I did not say that.

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    I hate Verizon, how they lock features out of there phones... 3 reasons why I am switching to Sprint/Nextel.

    1) I am 18 and don't think I need to be on my parents plain anymore. Should take responsibilities and pay for something, that they been paying for.
    2) I hate Verizon, there technical support and how they lock features out. I really hate there CS and is hard to find some one who knows anything about BlackBerry. Allot of them have no clue who RIM is...
    3)Sprint/Nextel does not require me to have a deposit and are cheaper monthly. There service is not to bad around Central Florida and in Parts of Kansas (Where I visit family every year).

    Those are my reasons and I am sticking with it.
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