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Discussion in 'iPad' started by davideotape, Nov 29, 2012.

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    Nov 16, 2012
    Crowd-sourcing this a bit because nobody at Verizon seems to know for sure or can give me a straight answer with any bit of confidence. Sorry if this is a bit redundant, but at least it's not another iPad mini/Retina display thread, right? and this is trying to drill down a bit more from other discussions.

    Anyway, anyone have this who can walk me through the pricing here? as I understand it we've got
    $20: 1gig
    $30: 2 gig
    $50: 5 gigs
    $80: 10 gigs.

    Share Everything:
    $40: 4 gigs ($30 for 4 gigs and $10 "Share Everything")
    other tiers of share everything.

    Questions around Share Everything:
    Q1: Can you upgrade your plan within the same month? Can I go from $20 1 gig, then when i'm about to hit the 1 gig, move to the $30 to gig, or do i have to pay an additional $20 to get an extra 1 gig?

    Q2: Can I move from a prepaid plan to a Share everything plan?
    Q2a: If yes, can I do that within the same month? Or do I go Share Everything one month, Prepaid the next?

    Question about process/logistics:
    Q1: I can go month to month, cancel it one month, order it the next. Can I do this directly from my device, or do I have to call?

    Q2: SIM CARD non-use issue: wassup w/that?

    Q3: I have a Sprint ipad Mini right now but i'm within my return window. Would I HAVE to bring this thing back and buy an entirely new iPad mini, or could I just cancel my Sprint service, hit a few buttons, turn a few screws and voila, have a Verizon device?


    feel free to make this a catch-all for Verizon Q's as well.

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