Verizon Edge, Am I missing something?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by groupersandwich, Sep 10, 2014.

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    I'm trying to figure out if using Edge on Verizon is a better deal than contract pricing. I no issues with waiting 2 years, or longer, to upgrade. We are not heavy data users so going to 10gb really won't be of any benefit to us. We current have 6gb for 3 lines and with 2 days left in our billing cycle we have used about 4gb. It looks like on Edge a 64gb i6 will run about $35/month plus $30 line access fee vs. $40/month line access fee with contract pricing. I understand whole upfront cost and back end savings after 20 months. But if I keep my phone for 2 years it looks like Edge will cost me an additional $390 over the term (when figuring the $300 phone cost + $35 upgrade fee on contract). Does this sound correct? I only have one line eligible for upgrade now, so that is all I would be moving to it. If I'm missing something obvious, what is it? Where are the savings? Thanks for any help that you can be provided. Would it be better to wait until all the lines are eligible for edge in January?


    $300 phone cost
    $35 upgrade fee
    $40/month line access ($960)


    $0 phone cost
    $0 upgrade fee
    $25/month line access for 2 years ($600)
    $37.45/month phone payment for 20 months ($749)
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    Depending on how many gigs your plan is you get $25 or $10 off through edge.
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    If you have plan of at least 10gb you will get 25$ off.

    So if the i6 will be 35$ you only pay extra 10$ for for the phone out of your pocket.
    You have 6gb so that will be only 10$ , not 15!

    If i was you i would go for 10gb plan if you decide to get more phones on edge,you have 3 lines max discount of 75$ possible.

    Good luck !
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    I'm also trying to gauge this out. I'll probably drop by the Verizon store today or tomorrow to make sure I have the numbers right.

    I have 4 lines at 10GBs.
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    So let's put it this way:

    Let's say the i6 will cost 32$ 16gb

    32$x4 = 128 , yes you will see that 128$ charge but then on your bill you will see per line:

    25$ Smartphone Edge Access Discount

    128$ - 100, so for 4 phones you are adding 28$ for next 2 years or if you decide to pay it off quicker that is your choice.

    So: 10GB plan is 100$,4 lines 160$ , 260$+128
    388$ without DISCOUNTS
    288$ With 4 EDGE discounts then add taxes of course....

    hope it makes sence! I have 6 lines 3 edge , 1 out of contract and 2 on contract,all 3 edge get 25$ off and the line that is out of contract gets 25$ off as well.
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    For me it seems like it's cheaper (about $200ish) to go classic/subsidized route over edge.

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