Verizon Edge vs Contract? I am confused.

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    I am very confused. We are eligible for an upgrade. We will need one iPhone 6 and one 6 plus. We use slightly less than 2GB a month. Both phones will be 32 GB. I have no idea how to undertake an analysis as no figures are forthcoming from Verizon. One of us us not a frequent upgraded. How can we figure this out?

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    Jan 15, 2013
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    What plan are you currently on?

    Just from the cost side of things, it sounds like contract would be better in your case as even with a discount on the newer plans Edge doesn't really become a better deal as far as cost goes until you are on a plan that is 10 GB or more (and you get a larger discount because of that).
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    For you with your data usage, Contract no doubt. If you switch to the 2GB w/ unlimited talk / text promo plan at $60 / line / month, that would be the cheapest option.

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