iPad Pro verizon ins vs apple care..which to get?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by coolbreeze2, Nov 10, 2018.

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    I'm trying to decide if I should buy Apple Care for a new iPad Pro or should I buy Verizon's coverage. Verizon's is $5 per month and Apple is about $5.42 per month. That's a small difference that I could live with with either one.

    Both cover accidental damage and mechanical failure. So that makes them equal in this category.

    Verizon covers theft and loss but Apple does not. This makes Verizon a winner except I've never had an iPad stolen from me neither have I ever lost one. Who knows, it might happen with a new iPad. So Verizon remains the winner in this category.

    Apple Care will also extend to the Apple Pencil when you buy the Apple Care at the same time as purchasing the iPad and Apple Pencil. Verizon has no coverage for the Pencil so Apple is the hands-down winner in this category.

    To access Apple Care benefits it is easy as visiting the nearest Apple Store which is about 100 miles for me. From what I've read on line, for Verizon you have to file a claim online and mail equipment in. It appears the vendor is responsive and turn around time is fast. I am not finding information about going to a Verizon store to access benefits. It appears this is not possible. Instead they mail you a replacement. You can't just take a device to a Verizon store and they mail in it and give you a replacement immediately? If this is not possible then Apple wins in this category because you can get immediate replacement at Apple Store.

    So which should I get?
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    Verizon... I had to make a claim on my last dropped 12,9 iPad version 1 they sent me a new 12.9 version 2. They sent it overnight had it the next day.
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    Now that's what I like to hear! How much was the deductible? Zero right?
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    I always get the AppleCare. If you call AppleCare with a claim, they also next day it to you. If you go to the store, they will repair/replace on the spot.

    With Verizon, you are getting a VERIZON refurbished unit.

    With Apple, you are getting an Apple certified refurbished or new. That makes a big difference. On Apple’s, it’s new everything with fixed and certified working internals.

    My wife years ago had an issue with an Android phone. Verizon sent her a Verizon refurbished with a different problem. We went through 3 replacements, all 3 had problems and then she ultimately switched to iPhone.

    The other perk on AppleCare is resale value. Should you decide to sell it while you are still covered, it’s easier to sell the iPad with it then without.
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    I didn't think about that! Great selling point! For the refurbished unit you can get when you file a claim, do they give a new Apple Care eligibility period or does the refurbished unit take on the old unit's eligibility?

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