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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ggibson913, Feb 11, 2014.

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    Sep 11, 2006
    Hey guys, I know that since AT&T came out with the new plans many of you are like me and are considering making the switch from Big V to AT&T. I pulled the trigger last week and wanted to share the experience so far.

    My mother, father and I are all on a single plan. With Verizon, we were paying for two smartphones and a basic phone 165 with 4GB of data. With AT&T, we pay 145 and 125 with my FAN discount and get 10 GB of data.

    I had to buy my dad a new basic phone so I got him a go phone which they added to my account. My mother and I are using two iPhone 5's from Verizon wireless. I work in Northern NJ and live in NY (near West Point). All we literally had to do was go to AT&T and have our numbers ported over and a new SIM are put into the phone and move was complete.

    I will have to pay an ETF to VZ of about $200 but will save that in a few months and since I brought three lines over, AT&T will credit me that amount anyway.

    So the important stuff. Signal wise, I am actually making out BETTER than I was with Verizon. I can't believe it and am still waiting for the other shoe to drop but so far at all my places I go I am getting at least as good phone signal, and better Data signal.

    I will say that with a Verizon iPhone 5, you are not going to get AT&T 4G LTE but you will get "4G" which we all identify as 3G plus. The data speeds are about 8 mbps as compared to the 12 mbps I was getting on Verizon LTE. I can live with that until the iPhone 6 comes along.

    At work, I get better internet. Even though I am not on LTE, the time it takes a page to load is way faster than I had with Verizon. My mom lives in S NJ and she has not noticed any difference with her phone (except her part of the bill got smaller).

    My per line fee is $15 for unlimited talk and text. To keep it that way, I need to buy my next phone outright, or use Next which is essentially AT&T interest free financing for 12 or 18 months. To total cost of Next ends up being retail for the phone. I don't mind keeping for two years or more so no biggie.

    I have had AT&T in the past and experienced awful signal and data speeds but its seems AT&T has indeed improved their network around here and I have not experienced any slow downs. I am sorry for the back story, hope this helps other Verizon customers make their choice a better informed one.
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    FYI, the next plan is split up into 20 or 26 payments, but you can pay it off at any time if you'd like.
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    just don't forget fees and tax they add to the account though
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    yeah but I figure the taxes and fees Verizon Vs AT&T should be simlar.

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