Verizon iPhone 6+ Order Cancelled; It Shipped Anyway. Quick Question...

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    I originally ordered a SG 64GB 6+ on 9/19 over the phone because I was too pissed at the Verizon store reps for wasting my time. (I asked specifically twice, if my phone was available in stock given my line position. They knew how many everyone was buying and the type because they asked and gave numbers. I wasn't giving any of them my sale.) Phone rep didn't seem very competent and was more worried about selling me a bundle of accessories, but he got through the order fine.

    After that, lurking here in MR, I discovered the tracker sites, used to locate my phone, confirmed availability, and went to pick up my phone. Of course, I cancelled the original phone order so I would have no trouble in store. Everything went through just fine. I've had my phone since 9/25. Already made a first payment.

    Afternoon of 10/25, an email arrived from Verizon letting me know that my phone has shipped. The email has all of the information from the original phone order back on 9/19 along with a new line number (I was actually porting my number over) and FedEx tracking numbers. I didn't see the email until yesterday, but sure enough the phone and SIM card had already left Memphis.

    Called Verizon and they said they had cancelled the order and to ignore the shipping email. I explain that it looks like the phone already left. She insists it hasn't, but to refuse the order if it has. Sure enough, this morning, the phone is already here in Chicago to be delivered to me tomorrow apparently.

    Question: I am prepared to refuse the order (well, if I'm home when they arrive), but I did think about a co-worker who has been waiting for a while for their delivery. Doesn't seem like a way would work to sell it over to him without some hit to me (this was purchased on Edge) from my logical thinking, but just wanted to be sure.

    MR people are certainly resourceful. You guys may know something I dont, but if not, I'll just refuse it and move on. Still, with Verizon's error, it would be nice to help someone out (legally) since so many are still waiting on their phones.
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    No thoughts??

    Guess the obvious answer is to send it back then.
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    Send it back. There is no way you can facilitate the billing of the phone to another Verizon user. You keeping the phone will ultimately result in Verizon billing you for the phone that you just received.
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    I guess you could have your friend pay for the phone and then pay off the entire EDGE bill next month or so? Not sure how it would affect your account though. Might be more trouble than it's worth in the end. I would just refuse it, honestly.

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