Verizon Newbie Basics (real basic)

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    Feb 2, 2011
    Do I have this right?
    Calling plan is one cost (e.g., 450 minutes for $40 or whatever it is). That's for voice phone calls, yes?
    Then there are plans to cover text messaging on top of that?
    Then another cost for a data plan, which will allow me to use email and the web, right?
    Then another cost for tethering that lets me use my iPhone and my data plan to access the net with other devices.
    Is that about it?
    Many thanks. I'm hoping to find out before I buy one tomorrow morning.
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    Texting plans are usually billed as send and receive; meaning if you signed up for 500 text messages you could send 250 and receive 250 before you start getting billed the overage rate.

    Yes, plus a one-time activation fee if Verizon charges it.
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