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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by BigBurd, Aug 22, 2006.

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    Is anyone else as angry as I am that Verizon has disabled our ability to upload our own ringtones to phones using Verizon service?!!? I took a good long time creating some ringtones that I really want to use, following instructions that I read in a recent edition of MacAddict magazine, and when I tried to upload them I got an error message. I contacted both Motorola (the manufacturer of the Razr ... the phone that I use) and Verizon. They both told me that Verizon has disabled the feature that allows you to upload your own ringtones!

    Apparently, wireless phone services are not regulated, so they can do what they want. That doesn't stop me from wanting to sue Verizon, because I purchased the Motorola phone. It belongs to me. The phone was manufactured with the ability to upload home-made ringtones. By doing so (uploading my own ringtones), I would not be breaking any laws.

    Let's face it ... Verizon sells its own ringtones. We know why they have disabled the feature to upload home-made ringtones. (In case you can't read between these lines, it's because they want us to buy their ringtones, thereby negating our right to choose our own!)

    If anyone knows of a class-action lawsuit (with regard to this situation) that I can jump on, please let me know. I'll join it in a heartbeat. In the meantime, keep the pressure on Verizon!
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    I think you'll find a lot of Verizon RAZR frustration on these boards.

    Instead of asking the question "Is this activity illegal," it may be more productive to ask "Does this activity violate my service agreement?" While you do own the phone, you don't own the service -- I mean, what good is the phone to you if it's not linked to a service plan?

    I think most agree that in making life more difficult for their customers, Verizon is only building animosity (and costing themselves sales in the long term).

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