Verizon sucks, but I'm sticking with them....


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Sep 28, 2008
So I was one of the many that got screwed by Verizon activating my iPad and getting not only an activation fee charged but also they signed me up for an Asurion insurance plan, which doesn't even cover iPads!!!!!

Luckily, I called today and they reversed those charges and now I'm on post paid without any of those fees....I prefer post paid for 1 I get the free roaming, which actually happened to me iPad said "extended" instead ofnverizon, which means it was on one of the local C-Spire towers. Also, with post paid I get the added $10/gb automatically charged instead of any interruption that may occur.

Be weary of Verizon reps, they will screw you if they can,,,,,I was lucky I could fix my problems with a phone call, but others may not be as lucky......


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Mar 3, 2011
The great state of Texas
Buddy it ain't only Verizon! AT&T is right with them.. In face I don't know if it me or what but I've notice that everyone thing to squeeze an extra buck out of me. ATM fees, credit card interstate rates, Gas stations price goes up and never comes down no matter what you here the price of a barrel of oil cost. Cable , pop corn at the movies, red light traffic lights it goes on an on.

Michael CM1

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Feb 4, 2008
You had a problem. You called Verizon and it got fixed. As someone who got a $80 ticket when someone backed into me at a red light as I was sitting still, I suggest you look up the definition of "screwed." The insurance thing is definitely wacky, but every electronics seller tries to get you to buy those crappy things.


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May 9, 2006
Geez, I bought mine, brought it home, and activated cellular over the weekend with no fuss and no charge.