Verizon: To order on Apple or Verizon? How to cancel?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by suenification, Sep 11, 2014.

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    Hi folks,

    After several years of Android, I'm jumping back into the Apple fray. I live outside the USA but have a USA credit card, and will be around on September 19th to collect a new iPhone:)

    I'd like to get the Verizon iPhone, but since I live abroad and don't currently have a Verizon account, it sounds like I need to:
    - Order EITHER via the Apple Store or Verizon's website (is there a view on which is better...?)
    - Phone gets shipped/auto-updates, I wait 14 days, then on day 15 I cancel the plan, incur the charges, keep the phone

    I'm happy to incur the ETF charges, etc., as it's not that big of a difference vs. full price, but I'm wondering what the cancellation process is like? Can it be done over phone/overseas? I'm hoping I won't face any Comcast-like BS around the whole thing?

    Thanks so much for the help!
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    If you cancel within 30 days you need to send the phone in. You can cancel in the second month (after paying for the first month, and the ETF and the activation fee).
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    You can't order from verizon because you don't have an account.

    You can order a device only from apple US, but they will only ship US and have 14 days to return the device.

    Warranty items might be an issue for you.

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