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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by puma1552, Sep 26, 2018.

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    Nov 20, 2008
    Wife and I are going to Italy next week, I've enabled TravelPass on both our phones with Verizon.

    The FAQs say this:

    I'm having trouble reconciling the bold parts. How can I receive a phone call if the phone is in airplane mode? How can I receive a phone call not in airplane mode without incurring roaming charges?

    To the best of my knowledge, once I start a 24 hour TravelPass period, then I do not need to have the phone in airplane mode for those 24 hours and I am protected from roaming charges during those 24 hours. Is this correct? I do plan on using the phone every day, so I guess the best way to handle this is to just turn the phone on when I land and use some data right away to trigger a 24 hour TravelPass session without getting any roaming charges?

    I do need to be able to receive phone calls because we are doing Air BnBs.
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    Jul 24, 2015
    They’re telling you to use Airplane mode on days you wish to avoid being charged the $10 per day per device. For instance, if you’re in Italy and you know you’re going to have free WiFi tomorrow, you’d turn off the cellular data that night. Any little bit of data (like a weather widget refresh) will trigger the Verizon travel pass charge. I’ve used it a couple of times and it’s not worth it. You’re only allowed like 1gig of LTE per day and everything after is on 3g. You’re better off getting another SIM card when you get over there....

    Also, the Euro union did away with roaming, I think. No issues concerning roaming.
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    I've used TravelPass many times in various countries in Europe and Asia. It's pretty simple; if your phone allows data roaming and you're not on wifi, a 24 hour TravelPass session will be immediately triggered. Just one KB from some background process will do it. If you send a text or someone calls you, you just bought a 24 hour TravelPass even if data roaming is off.

    To answer your question, yes once you trigger your TravelPass, you're good for the next 24 hours. No need to worry about going back to Airplane Mode during this time, unless you're worried about pushing the .5GB daily limit (see below)

    I find it easier and more convenient to use the TravelPass vs. a local SIM, especially since you retain your own phone number.

    Initially I used the service much as I do at home, sending photos and videos, and streaming freely. If you do this, however, you may run into the .5GB daily cap and have the service slowed to 3G. If you hit this daily limit, you'll get a text with the option to spend another $10 to get back to LTE speeds. I'm now more conscious of those activities and tend to save them for times when I'm connected to wifi.
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    I think you are making it too complicated.

    Basically, you either are using the phone/plan or you are not. If in airplane mode, there will be no cellular activity, so no activation of the $10. Once you turn off airplane mode, and the phone either has a call, text or data transmission it triggers the daily charge. You can turn airplane on and off multiple times within that 24 hours. You do not get charged again for that "day".
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    Just a heads-up, but HowardForums (link below) is the best place to discuss Verizon plans/features/issues/questions. This isn't really an "iPhone" question that you are asking - it's a Verizon plan question.
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    just landed in italy, voiceand data roaming apparently need to be on to have service?? i thought the point was that i wouldnt need that to potentially end up with a huge bill??

    edit: looks like it has to be on i guess and travelpass should protect me from roaming charges

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