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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ISUVetMed, Sep 13, 2016.

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    Oct 9, 2011
    I have an old promotional family plan on verizon (Had it for about 10 years, customers for ~18 years). We used to be the typical new-every-2 upgrade people who got new phones or transferred upgrades and handed down phones to others on our plan. I was planning to wait on an upgrade until next years iphone (I am currently on a 6 plus) but curiosity got the best of me and I looked into upgrading. When I logged onto my verizon account I noticed 3/5 of our lines say "Upgrade at retail price" and 2/5 say "Upgrade Available". When I click on the upgrade available lines, it tells me I can upgrade at retail price, monthly payments, or 2 year contract price. The 2 year contract price for an iphone 7 is only $199.99 according to the upgrade page. The phones that say upgrade at retail price only list the full $649 price for the base iphone 7.

    I called verizon last week and they had no clue what I was talking about, they did away with contracts and upgrades are only available at retail price according to them. Im not sure if it was because we were on a 2 year contract and never used our "upgrade promotion" so it is still on there to be used. Have any of you encountered this before? Part of me wants to upgrade both phones if it lets me, on the 2 year promotional pricing. At the same time I will be purchasing next years phone, and if I can use it then I can make it another year with my 6 plus. I would just hate to wait and lose whatever promotion I have currently on there. If I send them my device for trade in I can essentially upgrade for free.
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    If you are an old customer, Verizon still has subsidized phones.

    Have you called cust support several times and been told sudsidized phones are gone now?

    That is simply untrue.
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    Here is the info you want.

    If you let your 2 year contracts expire your access fee for that line will go from $40 to $20.

    IF you get another 2 yr contract via for Verizon you will be paying $40 for 2 more years on that line. That's an extra $480.

    It doesn't make sense to use the 2yr upgrade anymore.

    PS. Verizon reps don't even know it's still a thing. Its just a stupid thing NOT worth getting.

    PSs. If your phone are no longer on contracts (your upgrade date passed) your bill should go down $20 PER line. be sure to change to the New Verizon plan if it doesn't.
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    They won't really drop the payments to something lower when not in contract on old plans as those work differently, so for those older plans contracts are actually the way to go since otherwise you are still paying the same thing plus paying for the phone too on top of it (either by buying it outright or doing a device payment plan).
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    Bought a phone online today, was still being offered 2 year contract for the device @ $299. Passed because the phone was half price with bill credits so it didn't cost much more than that, and then there's the $20 line access for off contract versus $40 for on contract.

    I get 30% discount through my employer for my data plan, but not the line access.

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