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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by mototriu, Sep 10, 2014.

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    I am due for an upgrade on one of my Verizon lines and I was wondering how I would pre-order an iPhone 6 this upcoming Friday. For example, do I pre-order through Apple's website or through Verizon's? If I order through Apple, do I have to sign a new contract or can I use my upgrade? What information should I have at hand while pre-ordering? Thank you for any responses in advance!
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    You can preorder through the verizon website or the apple website but I always order through the carrier. Verizon will start taking preorders starting at 12am PST. As long as you are an account owner or account manager you should be able to preorder without any problems. if i am not mistaken you will have to pay for the whole thing when you preorder so have a CC or debit card and you will be all set
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    So I assume to pre-order through the Apple website I'll have to have my social security number and credit card at hand? Additionally, if I order at 12:01 PST on the Apple website tomorrow what are the chances of it crashing? About how long will it take for the first batch of pre-order iPhones to run out?
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    For those ordering through Verizon and wanting to pay full price to keep unlimited, there are a few steps but it is easy. I did a little test run so I didn't mess up.

    Click on "Upgrade My Device" on main page. Select the device you wish to upgrade. Select the new iPhone. Click on "Show full price option" and select. Click on "Add to cart and select plan". It takes a page where you can add protection etc. Make sure you select decline protection plan if you dont want it. It will then take you to a page to add accessories. Again if you don't want anything, click on "Continue to review cart" From there it will take you to your current unlimited plan. From there you can checkout and pay full price and keep unlimited.
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    Thanks for the reminder, I had forgotten how to do the whole procedure. Hopefully it's good for pre-orders!

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