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Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by xuselppa, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. xuselppa macrumors member

    Oct 10, 2012
    For those of you using Notes, S3's, S2's or any other LTE capable phone that have also used AT&T, have you had any issues while travelling out of your normal home/work area, what kind of speeds are you seeing on LTE (specifically for S3 and Note 2 owners), do you find customer services better on Verizon, and other weird issues.

    I ask these questions, because I have been with AT&T for a very long time, but my family plan contract is coming to an end and I am tired of waiting for AT&T to get LTE in the areas I live and work. 2015 is the earliest estimate.
    I also like the fact that Verizon seems to get stuff from Samsung, that no one else gets, a la the wireless charging back plate.
    Only negative thing I have seen regarding Verizon lately, is related to the iphone 5 and the time and date constantly messing up. Other than that, the LTE advantage Verizon has is what is really making me want to switch. My contract expires in December.

    Any input is appreciated. Unless of course you want to start some ios vs android garbage, then I don't want to hear that. Thanks.
  2. Hedgie58 macrumors newbie

    Aug 5, 2012
    I am currently using an iPhone 5 and just switched to Verizon when it was released. I tried the Galaxy S3 and am going to try using it again. Unfortunately it was a pain to get a replacement sim card for the iPhone 5 (not Verizon's fault) so I have not tried the Galaxy S3 outside my area. I had great service/reception and LTE speeds with it in my area.

    Verizon's customer service was better than AT&T but I never found AT&T to be horrid. My main issue with AT&T was dropped calls and crappy service.

    Regarding Verizon the not being able to use data/voice on the iPhone 5 is annoying but that is an iPhone issue not Verizon's fault at all. I have had great speeds/service with the LTE on Verizon with the iPhone while traveling quite a bit for the past 3 weeks. One thing is though when you do drop to 3g it's significantly slower than AT&T but Verizon's LTE coverage is vast so you really have to be in rural areas which most are usually driving in, to go to slow speeds. I do prefer the GSM phones so you can just swap sim cards but overall so far I have been happy with Verizon. I still have dropped 2 calls in my travels but with AT&T I would've dropped 30-40 by now. For instance I was in downtown Atlanta and made no exaggeration, 30-40 consecutive calls that wouldn't even dial out at 3pm est in the afternoon.

    Hope that helps...any specific questions I can answer better. I'll switch back to the GS3 next week and let you know how that goes.

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