Verizon vs ATT (voice and data)

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    The only reason I use ATT is because of the iPhone. Now that Verizon appears to be coming out with an iPhone, will we loose some functionality? ATT allows both voice and data at the same time. Does Verizon have the same capability? Will Verizon hobble the iPhone as it has with other phones? Which has the faster data service? What about 'Hot Spots" around the country that came with our ATT service? I don't think Verizon has the same "Hot Spot" coverage.

    Anyone have the facts yet?

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    Noone has the facts yet cause its not yet a fact.
    If it does go to Verizon obviously their network dont support both carrier data and voice at the same time so you will lose that functionality with a Verizon iphone or any verizon phone.
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