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Sprint or Verizon?

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Jun 11, 2008
New Jersey
I am in the midst of trying to leave AT&T to go to either Sprint or Verizon. I know people who have Verizon and most people have pretty good experiences with them with the major complaint being price. I have not really found anyone that I know who is on Sprint. If all things were equal, I would choose Verizon based on familiarity and knowing there are with AT&T with being the 1/2. The price for Sprint is very appealing though... Not including phones or fees, I can get 2 lines on their unlimited basic plan for about $50 a month. Verizon, I would get the 8GB to share with 2 lines and it would come to about $100. That is a huge difference, being double the price! The question Verizon that much better than Sprint to pay double? I understand that going Sprint may be a slight downgrade in service but is it worth it to pay half the price?

Any experience with either (Good or Bad) is greatly appreciated. Extra points with people who have had both. Double points for anyone with experience in the Philly/South Jersey area.


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Sep 19, 2005
I was on T-Mobile for four years in the Philly/Jersey area. Liked it a lot. Switched to Verizon recently as my daughter went to a college in upstate NY and the city she is in is pretty much Verizon only. On that note, all coverage maps are a lie. I have no experience with Sprint but I can relate the other two. I wouldn't bother with Sprint as they won't be in business long and if they are then it will likely be as T-Mobile. But hey, it is your money.

T-Mobile was faster where they had service. Unfortunately this service ends in any solidly constructed building or surprisingly large parts of Philly. I was mostly Jersey so the Philly issues never bothered me. The no service in concrete buildings was pretty lame though.

Verizon has been slightly slower but has had service everywhere I've tried. I'd rather have slower service than no service. They do cost more. Worth it for my phone always working.


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Oct 5, 2010
One thing to know about Sprint, they don't support Voice over LTE yet on iPhones. This means you will not be able to be on the phone and use data via apps or browsing at the same time without being on Wifi. This feature will eventually roll out as Sprint has started with a pseudo VoLTE solution for Android phones and has plans for full VoLTE down the road. But no timeline.
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