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    I've been on a family plan with VW for more than 10 years but we've only owned 3 smart phones (iPhone 4S's) for the past two. What will/has motivated me to move to T-Mobile when the 5S is released is VW's gigantic all consuming greed to squeeze their customers for every possible ounce of profit. I'm on a 550 minute/month family plan that we don't even use 100 minutes of. On top of that, I am charged $30/phone for 2 GB of data that neither phone exceeds 1 GB of data and yet we must pay $.20/text message additional and even more if it contains a photo???!!! $180/month?? Upgrade fees??? Come on!!!!

    I am hoping that once dedicated VW customers like myself flock to T-Mobile by the millions when their contracts expire. I am going with 3 new T-Mobile 5S iPhones on the Sept 20 launch. I have never regretted my move away from Microsoft and the Windows world of viruses and malware. I doubt I will regret my move from Verizon either. I hope Verizon's stock price plummets once their customers realize the financial screwing they've been getting and understand there are better choices out there.

    I'd be interested in hearing any feedback on (recent) T-Mobile service and/or coverage, either positive or negative. Thanks to all that reply.
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    Last week I traveled with a friend on a road trip and nearly the whole time I had service and she didn't. I have Verizon and she has T-mobile so needless to say I would never switch to T-mobile after seeing how bad the service is
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    In my experience, T-Mobile is garbage along with Sprint. Verizon and AT&T are the only networks I trust. Of course network performance varies depending on where you live.

    Perhaps consider a MNVO of Verizon or AT&T? I recently switched from Verizon with my Verizon iPhone 5 to Net10, an MNVO of AT&T. The phone is unlocked for GSM networks which is great. You won't get LTE on any MNVO except StraightTalk and Aio (AT&T MNVO) and you'll need an AT&T iPhone that supports it. If you're looking to get a new phone, it would probably be cheaper and in your best interest to look into these carriers. It is generally cheaper to buy your phone outright or used and use one of these carriers over signing a contract for two-years.

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