Verizon's $50 5G Home Internet Service Launched Today


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Apr 12, 2001

Verizon's 5G home broadband service is today launching in parts of Indianapolis, Houston, Los Angeles, and Sacramento, Verizon announced this morning.

Verizon began accepting pre-orders for the 5G Home service on Thursday, September 13, and customers who signed up will now be able to access their 5G connections.

"The world's first commercial 5G service is here," said Ronan Dunne, President, Verizon Wireless. "We've formed incredible partnerships with many of the world's leading technology companies, the international technical standards bodies, public officials, developers and our own customers to drive the 5G ecosystem forward, faster than most had predicted. And now, actual customers. It's been an incredible journey...and we're just at the starting line."
New Verizon customers were provided with the option to receive a free Apple TV 4K in lieu of a traditional cable box, along with free YouTube TV service for three months.

5G Home is built on Verizon's Ultra Wideband 5G network and it is the first commercial 5G service to launch in the United States.

Verizon's 5G internet service will be priced at $50 per month for customers who are also Verizon Wireless customers, and $70 per month for those who are not already Verizon Wireless customers.

The monthly fee includes all taxes and other fees, and there are no hardware charges or annual contract. According to Verizon, 5G Home customers will see typical network speeds of around 300Mb/s and depending on location, peak speeds of nearly 1 Gig. There are no data caps.

Following the initial rollout to Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Sacramento, Verizon plans to rapidly expand its coverage area. Customers can visit the 5G Home website to receive updates on when the service will be available in their area.

Article Link: Verizon's $50 5G Home Internet Service Launched Today
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Jun 12, 2008
Atlanta, GA
Are there any data limits? I live in a rural area with AT&T as the only internet provider. I'm looking forward to this to see if I can finally kick ATT to the curb!
At launch, anyway, there are no data caps. But, this is only available in a few metro areas. The technology behind it, which is different that what will become 5G mobile services, isn't suitable for rural areas. Fixed 5G uses high frequency signals, which has high throughput, but low range. Rural 5G is probably coming, but don't expect 300-1,000 Mb/s speeds, and do expect to wait a few years.


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Jun 7, 2009
Louisville, Kentucky
The latency on this is supposed to be in the 1-2 range... yes you read that right. I have been told from a government rep that this is supposed to be up and working in many more markets in the very near future but they do not want to announce it yet.


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Jun 27, 2007
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I'm hoping this will put some pressure on monopolistic ISPs to increase their speed, lower their prices, and increase or remove their data caps. In reality Verizon will probably jack up the price and introduce data caps as their service becomes popular, and cite a top 5% of users who are ruining it for everybody, blah blah blah, same old story that we've gotten from the big carriers for years. I also worry about the latency numbers for online gaming as gamers are a major consumer force buying into faster internet technologies.


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May 27, 2014
My parents live in a rural area where Century Link has a monopoly in the area - they could care less about customers out there and do nothing to upgrade any infrastructure they have because there is no competition.

I am carefully watching this as I think it would be great if they could get rid of Century Link and hop on this by Verizon.


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Nov 26, 2007
As a bitter Comcast customer, this can’t come soon enough.
Uh - as opposed to what other type of Comcast customers? The enraged ones? The resentful ones? Comcast doesn't have happy customers - their brand is less than worthless. That's why they've ditched the brand and try to distance themselves from Xfinity, so a handful of confused people think they have an actual choice.

I'm extremely excited to see Verizon roll this out in more markets, and I'm excited to see AT&T and T-Mobile join the fight. Lets finally bring an end to the regional monopolies on home internet options.


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May 25, 2010
I wonder how much confusion there's going to be between 5G and 5GHz (WiFi), especially when it comes to home service.
Not much, not many normal consumers understand the 5GHz Wifi, how it helps them, and what's needed to access it, if this catches on it'll quickly become the "standard" that people think about when somebody mentions it.
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