Versions? Resume? Airdrop?

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by mclaren1444, Feb 26, 2011.

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    Ok I've been playing around with Lion for a couple hours now. I'm not exactly sure what resume does. I thought when you x out safari and then bring it back it should leave you right where you left off. Doesn't happen.

    Second, does this work i see it nowhere.

    third, i have airdrop on my MBP working but it doesn't show up on my iMac with Lion. The iMac has all the requirements however even in its preferences it doesn't let you add airdrop to finder. someone help me out here.
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    Versions works in much the same way as Spotlight. It is not stored in each user's home directory. It is stored in a global place, just like Spotlight's index is. Spotlight stores its index in /.Spotlight-V100 -- versions stores its indices in /.DocumentRevisions-V100.

    Inside /.DocumentRevisions-V100, there are a few subdirectories. The two of note are:

    db-V1 and PerUID. db-V1 is a staging tracking database whose entires get updated as files are created, instantiated and moved. I assume that the locations in this database will be, if not already are, updated by monitoring FSEvents.

    PerUID is a store that houses the literal revisions as documents. Each user account on the system has an entry here, based on its UID, and each file has a "generation" directory -- within each generation is the revisions marked by a random hash.

    I've outlined those changes here and here.

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