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Jul 11, 2016
annoying problem...
in this case, opening a very small document (Textedit or others) spends much time, nearly 10 seconds. Saving as well.

I trashed already .V100 and fseventsd, cleared caches and temps, add new user.
But nothing helps.
The console fills with crash reports every 10 secs., no hint to detect problem.

Before doing a clean install, maybe someone knows, what this could be?

Thanks in advance... Xde


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Jul 11, 2016
Seems to be a rare problem.

Finally I did a clean install with 10.9.5.
Sure, with Apple software the permanent certificate trouble.
Set the date to 2021 and go.
Finished, ... but the crash problem persisted.

I thought, this could have to do with a general problem in Mavericks.
And what has changed are the certificates.

OK, set date back to 2021, and the crash problem has gone directly. No crashes anymore.
Set date again to 2023, again crashes.

But after all, I cannot say, what a mix of problems it could be.
Because, the crashes every 10 secs comes aside with a 5-10 sec delay by opening any document.
And this behavior was the same with 2021-date and no crashes.

OK, finally, I erased the SSD again and did a CCC clone, back from my backup.
Restart and suddenly it runs without crashing and actual 2023 date.

so, really I dont know. But I know that I recognized this problem already some times earlier,
but it self resolved by any action.

I thought, that NVRAM could have influence, because I worked with Mojave and Monterey these days.
But I deleted the NVRAM serveral times.
I also did settings with timezone, because the turkish time is incorrect in Mavericks.

After all no idea. All I know is, revisiond has to do with the problems.
Finally I have copied the backup back and at least it works without crashes.
Still have to check the delays once more.

But as an old Mavericks lover, I get doubts, that working with 10.9 is still possible today
in every circumstance. And I dont like (aside of security) many of the progessions in OS today.
The permanent systemupdates today and incompatibilities that it generates makes me sad.
Compare, Windows7 still gets security updates today for customers.
I would wish a Snow Leopard 10.6.5 (no Appstore and no more feature updates anymore) with a
modern security architecture. Light and fast. Not more, not less.
Nice weekend :)


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Jul 11, 2016
Crazy. It seems, that I got it.

I have two external SSDs. Same Samsung 860s, same enclosures.
One of them is my Backup drive, which has a complete clone of my internal work SSD.

Casually I found out, that I got the crashes in the log file (every 10 secs in Library/Logs/Diagnostic reports),
and the open file delays ONLY , when the clone Backup drive was connected.

I still use CCC v3, I thought, check it with a Backup using V4. But no change.
Then I erased the complete Backup drive and did a new CCC V4 clone.

And the crashes are away !
So it seems that something was wrong on the Backup drive.
The next time I do a Backup, I will try again V3 to see, if this has any influence.
In case, I will post an notice here.-

Finally nice at all :)
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