Vertical/Horizontal lines + Bad tracking and goes away when "Sleep"

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    Apr 11, 2015
    Alright, on my IPhone 5C all of the sudden my Iphone started getting Purple Vertical and Horizontal lines on the screen and the tracking has gone way bad if I leave it for enough time 1min ,1 1/2 min the tracking will completely go.

    But when I push the "Sleep" button and then bring the screen back up the lines are completely gone and the tracking (Although sometimes off) is ALOT better even though every now and then it's still pretty bad.

    After that happens the line starts coming back betweer 30secs-1min-1min1/2
    and I need to repeat the process if I want to navigate my Iphone.

    Any answers to questions will be answere pretty fast.

    Edit #1 - I have restored my Iphone already, and I'm trying a second time but this time not using a backup.

    Edit #2 - Factory settings seems to have worked KINDA so far (Tracking is still off and no sign of lines so far but I still need suggestions because it's very likely it'll come back.)

    Edit #3 - Yep, tracking stops working after about 2 minutes, but no sign of lines so far which is slightly good.

    Edit #4 - ****, some horizontal (Not vertical yet..) are coming back pretty much when the tracking stops, but as usual when I click sleep and come back it works for a bit.

    "Sleep" - Pushing the top button to hide the screen. (My definition may be wrong probably is I imagine...)
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    Oct 24, 2014
    Could be a faulty display, or the logic board/CPU is starting to die which could also produce those artifacts. Either that, or the display connector is loose.

    Schedule a Apple Genius appointment at your local apple store and if your device is under warranty, they'll either fix it for you free of charge, or offer you a replacement device.

    If not under warranty, you'll have to pay a service charge, whatever that may be.

    Good luck :)

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