Vertical lines on my rMBP? Bad display or car?

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    Jul 5, 2014
    or card... forgot the "d"

    Hello- MY 16 month old rMBP started showing thin vertical lines on the screen yesterday. The more I used the computer (to look for possible solutions) the worse they got. Apple customer service told me the usual - zap pram, install updates, safe start, etc, and nothing worked. Today I turned it on to find that there is only one line, but I have only used the computer for a little while. At least now the line is light green instead of purple... It doesn't show up in screen shots and the picture is from last night, while chatting with apple tech.

    Retina 15, early 2013
    2.7 intel core i7
    16G ram
    intel HD graphics card
    osx 10.9.4

    any help would be awesome...

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    Nobody here can help you.

    Schedule an appointment with Apple.

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