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    I had previously used the Verus Thor case on my last phone (Note 3) and loved it. I was very happy to see that Verus was making the same case for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. I pre-ordered the case and received it directly from Verus about a week later. I have tried several other cases for my iPhone 6 plus and always keep coming back to this one as my favorite. Here are some of my comments mostly positive a few drawbacks:

    - Fits the iPhone 6 Plus perfect, no movement and all cut-outs are perfectly aligned.
    - This is a dual material case, with a hard rubber case covered by stiff plastic on the back. The 2 materials work excellent together and create a stiff case that should help with any bending concerns. There is no movement between the 2 materials and they don't separate easily.
    - All buttons are covered and have good tactile feedback. Because of the covered rubber design the buttons are easy to find by feel, which is an issue with several other case designs on the market. The buttons do require more pressure to press but that is to be expected.
    - The rubber material has the perfect density, nice and firm. It does not collect dust, lint or fingerprints.
    - The edges that touch the screen and wrap around the sides have a beautiful curved "fall-away" design that is unique and not found on any other case I've ever seen. In my opinion this is the signature design winner of the case. You just have to see and feel it to appreciate it!
    - The case has a hour-glass shape, thinner in the middle and wider at the top and bottom. This really helps with keeping a grip on the iPhone and not dropping it. Also works perfect with the Kenu Airframe+ because it cannot slide up or down due to the hourglass shape.
    - The camera cutout is just right, not too big or small. I've had no issues with the flash.
    - The cutouts at the bottom are nice and big and allow use of just about any after-market headphones or lightning cables. This is a big plus over other cases.
    - It has a cut-out for the Apple logo. This is my biggest issue with the case, I just don't like it. It means the logo could get scratched and breaks up the smooth design on the back. I covered my Apple logo with a circle of screen protector that I cut out from an old protector I had lying around. I categorize this negative of the case design under -- "on well you can't have everything exactly the way you want it". This isn't a deal-breaker for me, just a minor annoyance. I wish Verus would make a version of this case without the logo cut-out. Verus are you listening???
    - The dimpled pattern on the back is awesome, feels great and adds some extra grip. The plastic has a matte finish. It is available in several different color versions.
    - Due to the wider design at the top and bottom the mute slider switch is a little tricky to flip. It requires the use of my pinky finger. But not a big deal and worth the trade off for the benefits of the hourglass design.
    - In case anyone asks - the screen protector in my photos is the Green Onions Supply OleoPhobic. I've been using their screen protectors for years on all of my devices and they are my favorite.

    Overall this case is fantastic and the feel in the hand just cannot be beat (in my opinion). Right now this is my number one choice in cases for my iPhone 6 Plus (and I've tried about 5 different cases so far). I do have the Fuz Felt Case on the way, but I suspect it won't supplant the Verus as my favorite.






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    nice review...

    I ordered the same case for my plus during the launch and I sold it before opening it.

    Although I do like the design, it looked too big, and the plus was already humongous. I also didn't like how big the camera cut-out was and the bottom cut-off felt too open as well.

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