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    Very Cool Relaxing Music iPad/iPhone App!!!

    Are you feeling stressful in your life?

    Here you can find an easy way to relax yourself. Enjoy amazing sound tracks in your busy working environment can make you feel more relaxing and rechargeable.

    ★★★ Relaxing Music ★★★ collected more than 100 excellent videos. Our enjoyable playlists can help you to enjoy every moment of relaxation. You can easily play the videos through iPad / iPhone. With accurate and precise classification, the app linked up all the quality videos with different kinds of musical instrument.

    ★★★ Relaxing Music ★★★ regularly updates the best sound tracks to meet your needs.

    【Video Playlists】
    ♛ Relaxing Nature Sounds
    ♛ Relaxing Piano Music
    ♛ Relaxing Saxophone Music
    ♛ Relaxing Jazz Music
    ♛ Relaxing Guitar Music
    ♛ Relaxing Spa Music

    Let’s enjoy an extremely relaxing experience!!

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    Mar 10, 2014
    Guided Meditation iOS App

    Recommend to try my free app Guided Meditation
    * Step by step affirmations and flight through fantastic worlds guide you to the depths of the subconscious
    * The exceptional atmosphere of endless journey helps to calm and clear your mind
    * 12+ Meditation scripts: Breathing, Counting, Body Awareness, Healing, Pain Management, Chakra Healing, Light Protection, Positive Thinking, Learn an Instrument, Learning Language, Produce Calmness, Meditation for Acting
    iTunes (iOS)

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