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Oct 30, 2012
Wow - that is WAY too thick for me. It is like 2 or 3 times the phone thickness.


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Jun 13, 2014
Woah, that's way too much. I have an OctoArmor case that I'm using; it was only $5, and I've been using it since the day I got my iPhone 6. It's really nice for how cheap it is. It's almost like the Spigen case, but for a lot better price. i've dropped a few times (and had an equal amount of heart attacks) and the case protected it just fine. I'm really pleased with how the case is working for me. It should be better than that one you have posted above.


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Original poster
Sep 24, 2014
I am assuming the case for the 6 Plus will be thinner than the ones made for the ip5 phones since the ip6 is thinner also.

Nope..the case ain't for everyone...I can't understand why some people buy the cases they do. Never had an otterbox...never will.

My favorite case was a wood case made by but they stopped allowing the customization of the backs... If they would make one for the iPhone 6 Plus where I could custom make the back...then I would have that case.


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Jul 6, 2010
South Florida
I have the 5S one. The company had alot of initial QC issues and also some didn't ship when they were supposed too. I got mine with no issues and on time but yeah it was really big and I ended up never using it. There are better choices than this imo..


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Sep 18, 2007
London, UK
Obviously, this cover is not for everyone, but this seems a good option for people who want to get rid of their wallet.

I think their QC will be getting better this time as they learnt a lot from the previous production. What I really concern is the price. $74.99 for an international order ($59.99 for a USA order) is way to high. IMO, they need to reduce the price about $15~20.
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