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Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by RunToTheHills, Apr 18, 2010.

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    Greetings ---

    Perhaps someone here will know the answer to this question (frustrating problem grrr! :D)

    I will attempt to outline this very simply so as to provide the clearest possible description of my problem. Here goes...

    - Have outsourced a developer to code an app for me.

    - Code is completed.

    - Developer is at the stage where he is attempting to load the app onto iTunes for the approval process

    - Developer is saying, "I can't do it because I don't have the Distribution Certificate."

    - Developer is saying, "The only person who can give me this certificate is the last developer that has uploaded an app for you."

    Now... here are further details:

    - I have lost contact with that last developer, so I don't know how to get this man the certificate that he needs.

    - Maybe it's unrelated, but the screen-shot below lists two names: 1, my name (or, my boss' name, in reality) - and just below, the name of the last person who uploaded an app for us. *NOT* the person attempting to do so, now.

    Finally, this:

    I have given this developer all login names and passwords, etc. so he may login to my companies iTunes Connect/Developer Portal, etc. So I am left wondering if perhaps the reason he is not able to obtain said Distribution Certificate, is because he is not listed as a "user" in the attached screen shot. Should I list him?

    Any angles of advice are immensely, immensely appreciated.

    *PS- Before advising me to "read the manual," I will let you know that I, personally, am merely handling a job for my boss. I know nothing about coding.
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    • Login to the iPhone Dev Center
    • Go to the iPhone Provisioning Portal
    • Go to the Provisioning section (linked to from the left side)
    • Go to the Distribution tab
    • Download your Distribution provisioning profile
    • Email that profile to the developer

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