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    I've been searching for the perfect peripheral setup for quite some time now. I have a 27" 2012 iMac that I use to play games both in OSX and in Boot Camp. I'd like to have peripherals that are good for gaming both in OSX and Windows and are also functional for just about everything else in OSX.

    I started out using the Apple wireless keyboard, Apple magic trackpad, and the Razer Naga epic. I then replaced the keyboard with a Logitech K811 as I needed a keyboard that was backlit and got a logitech T651 to go with it. I then realized that the battery life on the T651 was terrible and went back to the Apple magic trackpad. The K811 wasn't doing it for me simply because of the placement of the fn key. It always got in the way and made hitting the ctrl button (which is usually crouch or something for games very difficult while my fingers were on the WASD keys. I always had to remap crouch to caps lock but that never worked out right. So now I dumped the K811 for a Razer Anansi and it's just not doing it for me either. The keys are too big and require too much pressure to press, making it difficult to use for typing and I'm seeing my typos go up by about 40% (that's just a guess but you get the point). However, what is really getting me is how absolutely horrid the Razer Synapse software is. It always seems to either be not responding, requiring and update which requires a restart, or it simply can't find any Razer devices plugged in. My Naga Epic has been doing alright but not without quite a few headaches. Meanwhile, the Anansi is just a nightmare. None of the profiles or macros are working and for some strange reason the backlighting changes to white whenever I hit the shift button.

    I've also had trouble finding headsets for me. I usually just use the iMac's built-in speakers but whenever I play while talking to friends in Skype, I plug in a headset. I've had Turtle Beaches but dumped them because they were too uncomfortable, then I had a set of Razer Megaladons which were hands down the most comfortable headset I've ever had. Sadly, the Megaladon's microphone didn't work with Mac so it had to go. I now have a set of Razer Krakens and they've been alright. They're not surround sound but more importantly, they're not very comfortable. So I'd like to replace them too.

    I'd really like to be done with Razer. They're products pretty and they work great but thats only when they ACTUALLY work. Sadly, it seems like they're the only company out there that does fully support Mac, albeit terribly, albeit just as terribly as Windows. I really need to find some alternatives. I've got three products I need to replace, a mouse, a keyboard, and a headset.

    I need a mouse that has tons of buttons just like the Razer Naga. I don't just use them for games, I use them for just general use too. For example, I've set the one button to "save as," the two button to "open in new tab," the three button to "refresh page," other buttons to copy, cut, paste, others to multimedia, etc. They're handy in Photoshop too as I can set some buttons to ctrl, alt, shift, and cmd so I can mess with paths using only one hand. I like the layout of the Naga Epic too. It's just simple rows and not too complicated. It makes it easy to remember that the item in slot six in my game is mapped to button six on my mouse. I've looked at the Logitech G600 but it's wired and doesn't support Mac. Correction: it does support mac, but you can only have one profile installed on the mouse at one time. If you want to switch profiles, you need to restart into Windows, change it, then restart back into OSX. Though, the Naga has been going pretty well for me so if I stick with any of them, it'll probably be this one. I'm likely to buy the new Naga Epic once it eventually changes to the new form factor.

    I need a keyboard that is most importantly: backlit. Though, not some crazy color like green. It needs to either be white or multicolor. My Naga Epic and Anansi have the option to cycle through a rainbow of 16 million colors which is just beautiful to watch. I'm not too picky about what type of keys the keyboard has. I've always had keyboards with slim keycaps so the Anansi is quite a transition for me but I'm getting used to it a little. I don't quite care for mechanical keyboards because they're too loud (though I know there's silent ones) and they're too hair trigger. I'd really like a membrane keyboard with slim keycaps but like I said, I'm not too picky in this area. I also need my keyboard to have full support for Mac. I'm okay with it not having the special cmd button since I can just remap it in System Preferences but it needs to have all the special function buttons that mac uses (brightness, multimedia, etc.). I think the SteelSeries Apex would be perfect for me since it's pretty much the Anansi but with slimmer keycaps so it'd be easier to type. Sadly, it does't have support for Mac. The website may say it supports OSX but it's more like OSX supports it. When they say it supports OSX, they mean that you can type and use it as a keyboard successfully. As far as I know, the multimedia keys don't work and it may not even backlight correctly on Mac. SteelSeries' gaming software for Mac doesn't support the Apex so that means that there won't be any Mac drivers for the keyboard.

    Finally, the headset. I don't know why this area is so difficult. All I need is an extremely comfortable over the ear headset that can be worn ten hours a day with no discomfort and has a functional mic built in. I'd like for it to be wireless, surround sound, and possibly even be connectable to an iPhone or iPad but comfort and mic is all I need.

    I've been searching for so long and just can't find anything that fits me perfectly. The Naga, Megaladon, and K811 were the closest I got. The Naga is a headache to use with Synapse but not as much as the Anansi. The Megaladon was comfortable, but the mic didn't work on OSX. I would've kept the K811 if the fn button was somewhere less intrusive.

    So can someone help me please? I'm not even remotely concerned about price at this point, I just need products that work.
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    I've recently discovered the Moshi Luna:

    I think it might be the perfect keyboard for me. It's backlit in plain white, has slim keycaps, and doesn't have the fn key below the left shift key. I don't really need any of the special functions that any "gaming" laptops have like macros and profiles and whatnot.

    However, does anyone know if this keyboard has anti-ghosting/rollover features? I'd hate to be playing a game and pressing the w, a, and shift key to run to the left when I have to press space to jump or r to reload and the action doesn't respond.

    EDIT: I've contacted Moshi and they said no. Though, I'm not even sure if anti-ghosting or rollover is even a thing. I know what it is, but I've never had that problem myself with any of the keyboards I've used (Apple wireless, Logitech K811, and Razer Anansi) and I'm pretty sure none of them had rollover functions.
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    For a mouse check out the Logitech G700s. The thing is an awesome gaming mouse, especially in Windows, and I recently found out that Logitech now supports it on the Mac side. It has 13 customizable buttons and on the Mac side I have programmed mine to open different programs (Safari, Mail, Messages, Excel, Word, etc.) and to also run Mission Control and Application Windows. Since I'm a heavy user of Mission Control and having a different desktop for each of my most used programs it definitely has increased my productivity over the use of the Magic Trackpad.

    EDIT: Also, this mouse supports 5 profiles saved onto the mouse (which can be edited in Windows or Mac) which after saved don't need software for the profiles to work. I personally don't use the profiles saved on the mouse because when you have the Logitech Software running you get access to advanced features. Again, the software works on both Windows and Mac.
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    Thanks. While that mouse looks interesting and I take your word for it that it works, I don't think I'll be able to get used to the way the buttons are laid out and also there aren't as many as on the Razer Naga. On the other hand, G600 looks interesting and Logitech says it has support for it just as it has support for the G700: . It looks like the G600 is my best option right now for a mouse, if only it were wireless.

    I also need a headset. Another product from Logitech, the G930 looks good. I've heard that it works on Mac, but only in stereo and none of the advanced features work such as the three programmable buttons on the side. Can anyone verify if it's still a very functional (and extremely comfortable) wireless headset with a working mic when on OS X?
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    I have the G930 as well and yes it's a great headset. I don't usually wear it for long periods of time but there have been times where I have gamed for 2-3 hours at a time and the headset was never uncomfortable.

    Yes, it works fine in stereo and the mic works as well in Mac OS X but like you say none of the programmable buttons or surround sound will work (since those features all require software to work and for whatever reason the Logitech software doesn't even detect the headset on the Mac side). The volume control scroll wheel and mute and unmute button on the headset still work fine.
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    Alright, I finally got the Logitech G930 gaming headset since there were so many good things to say about it. Sadly, there's something wrong with it that I just can't put up with.

    I know that there's no mac drivers and I don't really care about the features like the programmable buttons and the surround sound as long as I'm in OS X, but there's something way worse: the audio quality on Mac is utter crap. The base is so scratchy, it sounds like someone took my $150 headset, ripped out the speakers, and replaced them with $5 ones. It's only for base though, everything else sounds alright (but just alright). I switched over to my windows partition and listened to the same songs and it sounded good. I'm guessing it's because it's drivers aren't on Mac?

    Can anyone with a G930 help confirm this? Or better yet, prove me wrong and offer a solution?

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