Very light gamer: getting a PS3, do I need a bigger HD?

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by hdsalinas, Dec 2, 2010.

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    We are getting a PS3 as a family christmas present-... well is for me and my 4 year old kid. I might get just a few games... GT5, fifa world cup, toy story 3 or something for my boy. I plann on renting most of teh games I play so I dont see myself getting more than a few games.

    I currently dont play any games on my mac but I would love to have something to relax and play blue ray movies as well (I dont have a BR disk player)

    I am thinking on getting the basic 160Gb unit that sells for $300 but I am tempted to get the PS3 Move bundle for a $100 more.

    The PS3 w Move Bundle has a 320GB HD, now, why will I need such a large disc to play games? What do you store on the HDD?

    pardon my ignorance, but I am not a power user when it comes to games...
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    I would say that unless you know that you're going to have an immediate use for the Move, stick with the less expensive PS3. You can always add the Move later on (and let's face it, the price is only going to drop over time) and the great thing about PS3s is the ability to swap out the HDD yourself.

    You'll only really be using the HDD for gamesaves (very small) and some required game installations (some small, some semi-large) and whatever demos you want to download. To put it another way, I have a launch PS3 with a 20 GB HDD. I'm a hardcore gamer and I've yet to run into any real problems with space, so I'm sure that 160 GB should be plenty for you.

    Good luck either way and savor the look on your kid's face when they open it up on Christmas morning. Feliz Navidad!
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    the ps3 is a media hub and they, sony, would like for you to use it as such.

    more hdd space, more pictures, more videos, more assorted content you can hold and share between your connected devices.

    some games can be installed. those installs wont eat up too much space but if you plan on using your device as a media server then you might want the space.

    that being said, you dont need to buy the ps3 with the bigger hdd. the ps3 uses standard 2.5 laptop hdd or even a ssd if you are rich.
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    you will be fine with 160 space wise unless every single game oyu buy requires an install and you load it up with movies and music

    i have aslim ps3 with 120
    currently i have around 20 ps3 games (some of them installed), savegames + savegames of games i borrowed from friends, 3-5 PSN titles, 10 installed demos, around 5-7 movies anda complete season of castle on my PS3 harddisk and i have space to spare

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