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Mar 11, 2013
I generally see "meh" or just lukewarm response to the Apple TV. I've had a 3rd generation model since 2013 and it's been fine. I didn't use that much - mostly for "Computer" to watch some iTunes content and very infrequent AirPlay.

However, I was gifted an Apple TV 4K as a surprise (I only have a 1080p TV, but the person wasn't tech savvy. I appreciated it) and I really like it. The UI is much better and faster than the 3rd generation. I now use a few streaming services like Hulu and recently Netflix so I have more use for a streaming box.

I keep reading about how bad the Siri Remote is, but I really like it. Simple and does the job. It's a little finicky, but it's much better than the old sliver one. I have no issues using it.

It seems to be a very capable device that integrates very well into the App ecosystem. I'm surprised to see suck a lackluster response to it.

George Dawes

Jul 17, 2014
the last 6 months we've had builders in who have messed up everything - tv aerial , satellite feeds - except thank god the internet..

we realised the only way to access tv was via the apple tv's in the house , we were dreading it- how would it work ? would it be reliable ? was it as unreiable as sky ??

6 months later i don't miss satellite or tv anymore !!!! you can keep your overpriced unreliable sky mr murdoch !!

imo the new apple tv is a triumph...

with catchup tv , iplayer and tvplayer , amazon prime , netflix plus itunes movies and tv shows and the tv app , you've got it all

in a tiny little box you can put in the palm of your hand...



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Apr 11, 2011
The transition from the third generation denoted a serious decision from Apple with a great deal of effort behind it; viewed from the outside, it marked the transition from a closed operating system (like that of the iPod) to a developer-compatible one (like that of the iPhone).

Apple famously used to call the Apple TV a "hobby," which sort of comported with their success as they explored the space and tried to work out what sort of characteristics and capabilities would combat with cable, and now I think they're finally gaining some traction and nearing some kind of turning point for video content.

(Not even to mention this generation enables the device to be something like a viable gaming console for creators and consumers interested in seeing it that way.)
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