Very slow os startup on an ssd drive

Luis Ortega

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May 10, 2007
I just installed a 256gb ssd drive (from OWC) into my 2007 Santa Rosa 2.4 core 2 duo 17" macbook pro.

I had done a clone from my old hard drive (7200rpm 320gb) while it was still in the mbp to the ssd drive in an external enclosure using Superduper.

It all worked correctly and then I replaced the mbp hard drive with the new ssd drive already installed with my cloned system and the computer worked normally, except for a very slow start time.

From the moment of pressing the on button to the screen with the apple is 35-40 seconds every time. It goes from off to the gray screen almost immediately but it stays there a long time before changing to the screen with the apple.
This is significantly longer than it was before.

I did all of the usual stuff like repairing permissions and running Onyx to clean out any possible conflicts, but the condition persists.

Once up and running, programs are loading about 3 times faster and everything is great, but I suspect that there must be some glitch at the very startup with the programming expecting something and having to find a replacement.

Would resetting the pram or something be useful?
Should I look for some firmware solution?

I am loathe to wipe the hard drive clean and start from scratch since some of my programs take hours to install.

Thanks for any advice.


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Dec 10, 2008
Try PRAM and SMC reset. If still no go, go to Sys Prefs > Startup disk and select your OS X disk as #1 boot volume


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Jul 22, 2010
Dublin, Ireland
Same thing happened me last week after changing to a OCW Mercury, what you need to do is go to preferences, then to startupdisk and then select the new ssd Mackintosh HD, it will look like its allready highlighted but your MPP is searching for the original HDD drive on startup, and then finds the ssd, by doing above it jumps straight to the ssd and boots in about 19 sec. restart a vouple of times to see that bad boy come to life!

BTW you got a great ssd, really the best. I am on the Apple Toshiba one now and am getting about 185mb sec read write, the OWC gave me 230!

Luis Ortega

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May 10, 2007
Thanks everyone.
I did a couple of things suggested and it improved, but I'm not sure if there's more.
I reset the pram and the smc? and that cut down the off to the apple startup time from 45 sec. down to 14 sec.
The spinning wheel goes around 3 to 4 times and then it goes to the desktop and is ready to use by 25 sec. which is also shorter than the previous startup time.
The startup of programs is very fast compared to the 7200 rpm hard drive.

Could the name of the boot drive cause any issues?
I renamed the ssd from the default Macintosh HD to Mac HD to avoid getting confused, but could it be slowing things down and could it be changed to the old default name?
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