Very strange POI behaviour in Apple Maps

Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by heyyoudvd, Feb 8, 2013.

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    May 13, 2011
    I've noticed some very odd behaviour in Maps since I first started using it. POIs often seem to be overlaid directly on top of each other, and will never display simultaneously.

    For example, across the street from me is a grocery store and a medical clinic right next to each other. There is a POI icon for each (an orange and white basket for the grocery store and a red and white stethoscope for the medical clinic). The thing is that under no circumstance can I see the two of them side by side. When I open up the app, I see the grocery store name and its POI icon, and then if I pan across the screen so it's just out of view and then I pan back to it, it disappears and the medical clinic (with its red POI icon) sits in the exact same location that the grocery store had been.

    The two will never display simultaneously (even if I zoom in all the way) and the Maps app always defaults to one, and then switches to the other when I go off screen and back. This happens with a lot of different POIs. I've noticed many instances where a POI is missing, only for me to discover that it will appear and replace another POI when I move the screen.

    In additional to that, I've noticed that most POIs are missing, even though Maps recognizes the place. For example, next to the aforementioned grocery store and medical clinic, there's also a convenience store. Now, Maps doesn't have a POI for this store, so no matter how hard I look, it's not shown. However, if I type in the place's name in the search field, the app will display a red pin for this store, and the pin will happen to fall exactly in the spot where the POI for the grocery store and medical clinic is.

    This just strikes me as bizarre. I have no idea why it does this and I'm curious if others are experiencing the same thing with Maps.
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    May 13, 2011
  3. heyyoudvd thread starter macrumors regular

    May 13, 2011
    No comments? Perhaps my post was too long. :p


    1. Many POIs that are in the Maps database aren't displayed on the map, for some reason. If you search for the place in the search field, the app will find it, but when you look for it yourself on the map, there's no POI icon for it.

    2. Even POIs that do have icons are often not shown. Store X and Store Y might each have their own POI icon, but you can never see both on the map simultaneously, no matter how far in you zoom. Maps will show one, and if you move the screen, the other will pop up in its place, but the first won't be shown anymore. This is very annoying.
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    The whole POI system is a complete mess, it needs deleting.
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    It's not just you, it happens a lot. There seems to be no logic to which one appears on top.

    Basically the entire thing is junk.
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    Good thing for you is they are right across the road, so you don't need a map.
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    Mind sharing the location so I can check this out, out of interest? ;)

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