Very, very slow standby time on MBP

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Cubytus, Sep 23, 2013.

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    Hello there,

    I believe this topic chronically resurfaces, and here's my turn to pull it.

    I noticed that my MacBook Pro, 16GB RAM, spinning 7200rpm drive, does take a very long time from lid closed to pulsing sleep light. I timed it at 3min 13s. Typically, it involves the machine spinning its fan very loudly during that time, extracting considerable amounts of heat for some reason. Disk writing should not be that heavy on CPU. From the amount of RAM, it seems to be writing to disk at an average of 84MBps, which is decent for a spinning laptop drive. Wake-up is instantaneous.

    However, as I can remember, Mac OS X had multiple sleep modes, and when the battery is full or has a decent amount of charge remaining, it didn't write the whole amount, but kept it in RAM, powered, in exchange for a small amount of drain. If battery were to fall low on charge, Mac OS X would wake up, write data to disk, and power down.

    Am I correct in this assumption? Is there any tweak I could do to revert to the near-instantaneous sleep?
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    I"m in the same boat. Only for me, the "wake up" time can often take up to a minute for the screen to turn on, and the machine to be responsive. It's a far cry from what the MBPs used to be.

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