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    I've been using the iBook clamshell (See signature) with Debian for a while with FVWM, but I found a very, very old distro called TA-Linux (I could see from the site that it had a recent revival), and was interested, so I decided to get an .iso from the site, and burn it to a flash drive. I booted it from Open Firmware with:
    boot usb0/disk@1:2,\\yaboot

    I got the yaboot prompt, but have no idea which device to boot. There's no TA-Linux forum, and I know that somebody probably has knowledge of Mac hardware, so is there anything that might work? By the way, their site is

    In the path of the USB, it shows up as /BootUtils/linuxboot.img, (The README.txt tells me that it is an image that allows you to boot into the installer when mounted.) and the flash drive shows up as usb0 from Open Firmware.
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