Vesa & Arm mounted ACD or iMac?


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Apr 11, 2005
Does anyone have an iMac or Apple Cinema on a VESA mount with an Bretford articulating or adjustable wall-mounted arm? (or another brand) If so could you post a couple pics. Pulled out, pushed flat, etc.


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May 24, 2005
roland.g said:
Apple actually sells the Bretford Articulating Arm & the Bretford Adjustable Arm. I am looking to use one of those or something similar to allow me to push it flat and pull it out. I wouldn't want to straight wall mount it in a fixed position.
Yeah as mkrishnan pointed out, I wall-mounted my iMac G5 a while ago.

It's on a tilting/pivoting mount that I picked up on eBay, which allows the iMac to be turned around and/or be pushed back against the wall.

(click to see a larger image)

The Bretford articulating arm looks good... remember though that that's just the wall-mount. You also need to purchase the VESA mount adapter kit for the iMac or Cinema Display (this is basically a metal plate that replaces the stand so it can be attached to the wall-mount)