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Apr 12, 2001

Music video app VEVO was today updated to version 2.8 adding full AirPlay support, which will allow users to stream both audio and video to the Apple TV.

The addition of complete AirPlay support for the iOS version of VEVO comes just days after news leaked that VEVO would release a 24/7 music video app for the Apple TV.

VEVO's iOS app includes a catalog of 75,000 music videos from 21,000 different artists, plus a VEVO TV channel that plays continuous non-stop content, which is similar to how a potential Apple TV app will work. According to AllThingsD, the VEVO app could be released for the Apple TV as soon as this month. In the meantime, the new AirPlay functionality allows the app's full range of content to be broadcast to the TV.

VEVO is an iPhone-only app that can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link] There's also a free HD version for the iPad. [Direct Link]

Article Link: VEVO for iOS Updated with Full AirPlay Support Amid Rumors of Potential Apple TV App Release


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Aug 16, 2007
Wait....this is new?

I have been streaming video from iPad to Apple TV with the Vevo app for quite a while. What is new about it now?


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Sep 8, 2010
I have been streaming video from iPad to Apple TV with the Vevo app for quite a while. What is new about it now?

I was about to say the same thing. I've been streaming videos from the Vevo iPhone app to my apple TV for months. Not mirroring, but with the dedicated Airplay button in the app...


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Jun 3, 2010

:confused: I have been using this app to stream to AppleTV for at least a year. Maybe it is less Buggy Now!


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Aug 13, 2013
:confused: I have been using this app to stream to AppleTV for at least a year. Maybe it is less Buggy Now!

You can only airplay the music videos. In order to watch VEVO TV, you had to mirror your iPhone. This update just lets you do it all completely through airplay now.

The Apple TV app is def very close now! Excited!


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Nov 30, 2004
Toronto, ON
This is the kind of move Apple needs to be making to get AppleTV closer to a full alternative to traditional TV. It's currently missing "white noise" kind of content. TV is successful because it's a dumb activity. You sit down and don't need to think about what you want to watch.

I cut the cable years ago with the original AppleTV but what happened is that I just have the tv off most of the time now. I don't want to think about what I want to watch sometimes, and I miss that from cable/broadcast tv.

The VEVO app will help but other types of ongoing pre-curated content need to join in. Live sports and news will complete the requirements for a full TV replacement.

Apple is clearly putting effort into expanding the diversity of content and the timing matches up with these content deals and apps getting lined up ahead of an Apple television launch.


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Feb 9, 2004
57 channels and nothing on

I disagree. If you want white noise, by all means, get a cable subscription. The white noise is exactly what I dislike about cable TV. 57 channels and nothing on but re-runs and endless 'reality tv'. Besides, there's plenty of endless, mindless video on YouTube, that you can still watch via your AppleTV.


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Jan 10, 2005
Vevo is new to me but I just checked it out.

This is the future of TV where all your favorite channels are apps. Content can be played on any of your devices on demand or -- for the veg-out, serendipity factor that comes with curated content - streamed. I don't always want to trawl through YouTube.

No more subscribing to the gateway mafias of cable or satellite, subsidizing channels and content you aren't interested in.

As for Vevo in particular, Would be nice to see a vaster catalog with all the classic videos from the 80s. Maybe even a nominal fee for ad-free experience.
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