VGA switchbox, that supports 1920

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by stuartrozier, Jul 28, 2014.

  1. stuartrozier macrumors regular

    Nov 12, 2011

    im in need of a switch box, vga, that will support the 1920 x 1080 resolution, I've searched amazon, does anyone have any pref experience with one ?

    many thanks,

  2. blanka macrumors 68000

    Jul 30, 2012
    VGA is analog, and from a time where 2048x1536 CRT's at 75Hz were pretty normal (with 50% more bandwidth). No reason why 1920 should not work. In the worst case you get very slight pixel bleeding (that the colour of one pixel affects the neighbour).
  3. stuartrozier, Jul 28, 2014
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    Nov 12, 2011
    thanks for your quick reply, do appreciate...

    thanks for confirming theirs one that exists out their, but do you have any recommendations ? i can't find any, all the ones amazon, after reading reviews, have said that picture gets 'ghosty' an also shrinks to a smaller resolution,an none of which would support 1920 by 1080 ...

    many thanks in advance,


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