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    Feb 12, 2007
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    I have a Mac Mini that I'm currently using with a VGA-only projector for a home theater. I'm looking at a new projector that does VGA and HDMI (and component) and was wondering if there's any advantage to using HDMI cable over VGA cable. I already have a 50 ft VGA cable and would rather not purchase an DVI-HDMI cable if there's no compelling reason to do so.
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    There is a huge difference. VGA is an analog signal and doesn't carry sound. The HDMI by contrast is digital, carrying both video and audio. If you have the option to use HDMI, you can keep your video digital from end to end which should result in a better image.

    However, in your circumstance I don't think the DVI would provide a huge advantage. I assume you're video quality has been fine and you already have an audio solution in place. Just keep rocking what you've got.

    Good luck.

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