Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by ageha, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. ageha macrumors regular

    Jan 30, 2008
  2. Sesshi macrumors G3


    Jun 3, 2006
    One Nation Under Gordon
    Maybe in about two years, and then with a lot more defects. Apple doesn't have the engineering ability of Sony at the upper end.
  3. Abbas macrumors member

    Jul 9, 2008
    Are we talking about the same engineering ability that recalled ENTIRE line-up of the TZ series a couple of weeks ago. And before that the massive battery recall? Yes, Apple, recalled their batteries too, but guess who was the manufacturer? Hint: Four letter word that starts with an S.

  4. Sesshi macrumors G3


    Jun 3, 2006
    One Nation Under Gordon
    Yes we are. And Apple has had more 'stealth' recalls.
  5. Franz1234 macrumors newbie

    Aug 30, 2008
    Look at the picture : everywair << Oo. This is no language

    The Sony might have good specks but I love my Macbook Air. It always depends on user need. If I need 4GB Ram and Graphic Power I go for an
    Macbook Pro like my previous one.
    And everybody knows that apple isn't as feature rich and tries to keep
    things simple so we won't find a Cardreader for example anytime soon.
  6. gcmexico macrumors 6502a


    Dec 22, 2007
    New York City
    yeah I see some many people stumbling to buy Sony laptops...the MBA is fine, looks better too
  7. Abstract macrumors Penryn


    Dec 27, 2002
    Location Location Location
    The specs look pretty good. It better be for 2500 Euro.

    Other than the resolution of the screen, I'm pretty certain Sony makes a 13" laptop with those specs for less money than that. The SR series, perhaps? It may weigh a bit more than 1.5 kg, but the difference between 1.5 kg and something like 2 kg isn't enough to warrant the higher price of this system over the other Sony.

    The only thing I really want from this system is the screen resolution, and yes, I wish any new MacBook design to have this. Don't care if an MBA ever has the DVD drive or graphics card, really. Just enable HD video to be decoded by the separate chip on the mobo. Also increase the resolution if it's what people have requested.
  8. Heavenkittykat macrumors regular

    Jan 6, 2008
    this laptop actually looks like a nice buy. Only it comes only in black. I really don't like black laptops
  9. gotzero macrumors 68040

    Jan 6, 2007
    Mid-Atlantic, US
    Those are some pretty nice specs.

    Are we really moving to 16:9? 1600*900 would not even cleanly work at any of the HD Video resolutions.
  10. SFStateStudent macrumors 604


    Aug 28, 2007
    San Francisco California, USA
    So, $2,500 Euro is between $3,500-$4,000 USD there abouts...:eek:

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