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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by jsf721, Mar 14, 2013.

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    Is this the real deal? My son is traveling to the Bahamas and I called verizon and asked for a calling / texting plan to cover him on his trip. I was told there is no plan and that calls are $1.99/min and texts are .50 to sent and .05cents to recieve. I will be broke just having my wife keeps tabs on him.

    I inquired on line and was told to down load Viber. Is this a good reliable service? It seems to be a VOIP service and requires an internet connection or wifi to operate. How would I set up and iPhone 4S to use wifi if it were availible and internet only if wifi was not available? if that the default. I cannot immagine that wifi is readily availibe free over in the bahama's. All the hotels love to make money on that from my experience.

    Will imessage work over the internet and it that charged as a text?

    Thanks for any suggestions on other services or info in Viber.
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    iMessage sometimes doesn't work when traveling abroad by using the phone number (whatsapp is fine) if you switch to messaging the person with the apple id instead of phone number then it'll work

    Viber is an amazing free app that does VOIP and text just download on both of your iPhones/Androids whatever and that's it he just needs decent wifi to make the call or text as low as 1.5 mbps at least. the app also works on 3G/LTE but I DO NOT recommend using roaming for data as it will be 10x more expensive than long distance calling
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    Hi there,
    This is Viber's rep. I'm here to help!

    @jsf721 - Viber itself is totally free, meaning we (Viber) don't charge anything from you.

    Since Viber uses the internet, both sides of the conversation must be connected to either WiFi or 3G. If a user is connected to WiFi - that user is not paying anything for sure. If the user is connected to 3G, the user *may* be paying his cell company for the data (about 0.3MB per minute of call), but that depends on the specific data plan that he has with his cellular company, and needs to be verified with them.

    * Note that when a user is abroad using the cellular network (and not WiFi), there may be high Roaming charges by your cellular company for the data used.

    If you have any additional questions we're here to assist.
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    Decide on which internet based messaging apps you wish (viber, whatsapp, imessage, trillian, etc.). Install this on yours, wife, his phones.

    Have your son set his phone to airplane mode, then re-enable wifi.

    Tell him only to enable cellular (disable airplane mode) in an emergency.

    Now you can text him via your chosen messaging app when he's using wifi.

    No costs should be incurred at this time.

    We've always used iMessage with extreme success.
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    It's all over the Internet. Viber, iMessages.

    Viber is awesome!
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    These apps work great for the fiancee and I. She travels internationally a lot and Viber and Tango let us text, talk, and video chat for free (using wifi).
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    Do they offer an add on International data plan? If so, then he can use Viber on cell data without any additional charges if he stays under the amount of pre-purchased data. If not he will need wifi access to use Viber.
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    I can also recommend Viber. I travel all over Asia and use Viber all the time. Two weeks ago I even added a week of unlimited prepaid data to my local SIM card in the Philippines. I was walking around Manila talking away for hours to my wife and kids back in the States for just the small data cost. Works perfect.

    My other trips I just used Viber via wifi and it was great. Highly recommend the app. It's on my home screen page.

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