Vibrate Issue When Receiving Calls/SMS

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    When I first got the new iPhone 6 last Friday (9/19), the phone would ring and vibrate when receiving a call. So I turned off "Vibrate on Ring" but left "Vibrate on Silent" on. It worked just fine until today.

    Today, I had it on silent mode (silent switch turned on) and a call came through without vibrating at all. The only reason I noticed a call coming through is because I had it sitting on my desk and happened to be looking in that direction when the call came in.

    So, I ran some "tests." I double checked the settings and "Vibrate on Silent" was still turned on. I restarted the phone and still had the same issue (i.e. incoming call while on silent didn't vibrate).

    So I turned on "Vibrate on Ring," turned the silent switch "off," and tried calling. It rang just fine audibly, but there was no vibration to go along with it.

    I tried turning "Vibrate on Silent" off and back on. When I turned it back on, it vibrated to alert me that vibration was turned on. Also, when I turn the physical switch "off" and back "on" it vibrates.

    When in silent mode, it still vibrates when I receive an email (I'm using the Gmail App).

    However, it addition to not vibrating in silent mode when getting a call, it does not appear to be vibrating when I receive a SMS/iMessage (it still shows on the lock screen that I received a message, just no vibration to go along with it).

    So, I'm wondering if it is some sort of bug with the native phone and/or message function (since it seems to be working fine with the Gmail app and it vibrates when I flip the switch to silent - both the physical switch and the "virtual" switch in settings), or something more involved.

    Has anyone else run into this? Anyone have any suggestions on fixes?
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    What resolved this issue for you? I'm having this same issue.

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